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what can I take or do to lose weight?

Am a breastfeeding mom n I gone so much weight. I dont really know what to do.to go back to my pre pregnancy weight. Sometimes I feel so frustrated
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I took belly dancing after #2 and lost all the weight after 8 weeks of classes.
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I know mom's that breastfeed and are still fat so I don't believe in that. Just eat right and exercise good luck
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Breastfeeding helps. I didn't do anything to lose the weight at first but once I decided to put in the effort I was able to lose the weight quickly and healthily while breast feeding. Work out when you  can, and I used the my fitness pal app. You need to tweak it some because of breastfeeding you shouldn't go under 1600 calories a day, but it can track your calories and if you follow it diligently you will lose the weight. Hard boiled eggs were my go to. Easy to make, and a great filling low calorie high protein snack.
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The best way is to stay active!!! Go swimming, walking jogging, or do things at home its soooo easy we just think its hard because we dont know what to do. I worked at a gym and worked in the health and fitness industry and believe me there are no tricks.

Just make sure you stay away from too many carbs, especially if you are not being active during the day. Carbs are foods like rice, bread, tortillas, potatoes, corn, candies, dried fruit, cereals, chips, cookies, cakes, and jams. Carbs are only ok if you are exercising to burn it off it is like another source of energy but if you dont burn it off it stays in your body and turns into fat!!!

Stay away from sugar, sugar turns into fat as well and is harder to burn off so the less you take in the better so stay away from foods like Sodas, Sweetened cereals, White bread, Candy, Granola/energy Bars—up to 25 grams for one bar, Juice and other sweetened beverages, Bakery Items (muffins, cookies, etc), Frozen yogurt and ice cream, Canned or dried fruit, and soy milk.

Latsly stay away from SODIUM!!!! This is truly your worst enemy!!!! So stay clear of foods like salad dressings, canned and prepackaged meats, ham and fish, cheese, pickles, instant soups, boxed foods, roasted and salted nuts and snacks, fast food, and canned veggies, canned anything really.

Sounds like a lot and sounds like all the food you might eat but just keep in mind fresh produce and you should be fine. another thing if you find exercising to be difficult for your schedule get a step counter and just make sure your putting in 10,000 steps a day this also helps a lot. The main key in loosing weight isn't exercise its what you eat. Once I started cooking for my hubby and he worked out like 2 days out of the week he ended up loosing 25lbs in just 4 mnths, in the first week he dropped 13lbs on just changing the foods he ate.... let me know if you have any questions, I also have a simple detox you can do that made me drop 10lbs in one week, no pills, no shakes, or teas all natural...sorry for the long response I love talking health and fitness!!!
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U sound very knowledgeable. Very curious about the detox :-)
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Lol I worked for a protein bar company and they basically taught us how to eat exercise and even cook! So I learned a lot and once you start working out with people who have been active longer than you they pass on their knowledge! I love this stuff and its so much fun once you get into the groove of things. Detox is super easy send me a message with your email and I will send you the detox its a seven day detox of nothing but fruits and veggies.
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