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whats for dinner?

im having pizza :)
nd then fur dessert im havin german chocolate cake nd those frosted sugar cookie things :)
^^ thats wat happens wen i go to the store pregnant nd hungry! haha i buy all this sweet things!
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omg i just ordered some papa johns pizza since its on special lol and im thinking of walking to the corner for some baskin robbins

gotta love being prego i get to blame everything on "babys craving"
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i have bbq chicken pizza nd a combo pizza haha...
baskin robbins sounds good too :D
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yummy i got some corden blu and meat lover one
lol i find it funny that now i get so mad when my hubby tries to grab a bite outa my food it pisses me of but i just play it off
thats sad i cant share lol!
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I got some pizza too :) with a buffalo chicken salad yummmy and that's the worst going food shopping while preggers and hungry I buy EVERYTHING! Lmfao donuts, chocolate, ice cream :)
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haha my mom was buyin stuff to make things fur my aunts house tomorrow (superbowl party) nd i was gettin her some avacados nd i grabbed an extra one to smash up nd eat wit chips, then i seen strawberrys nd told my mom ima make chocolate covered strawberrys wen we got home cuz we have melting chocolate haha, then i got some sweet something kinna doritos nd im thinkin hmm this would be good wit the avacado, then we get to the cakes nd stuff to buy somethin fur dessert fur tomorrow instead of me makin something nd we got 2 cakes nd cupcakes fur tomorrow nd then im lookin nd i see the german chocolate cake nd the cookies nd i juss had to have it haha... i planned on eatin all  of it but i ate pizza nd now im pretty full.. waiting to make room fur dessert :D
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Cream of cheesy chicken breast, fettuccine Alfredo, and carrots. German chocolate cake for desert ;)
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I want papa johns!! But i actually made chocolate malt o meal after a friend was talking about it earlier. Haven't had it since i was a kid- was so good! And to top it off, in case you ladies don't know, its actually really good for us!! Iron, folic acid & may help ease an upset tummy!
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@mommyofhayden that sounds good! some steamed carrots sound good too! nd the german chocolate cake i cnt wait till i have room in my stomach fur some haha.....
@beanIee wat is that? :o
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Have you heard of cocoa wheats? Or cream of wheat? Its in the cereal/oatmeal aisle. Best way i can explain is chocolate oatmeal. But a little different texture than real oatmeal. They also have plain flavored if you dont like chocolate.
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hmm.. im ganna have to look next time im at the store! its worth a try haha nd if i end up not liking it im sure someone in this house will eat it... these boys eat anything!
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Dang its pizza night:) we got stuffed crust pizza yummy lol. For dessert I'm having oreos and milk
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You can top with different stuff- butter, brown sugar, powdered sugar... anything really. Hope you like it if you try it! My hubby loves it too but i may not share, haha!!
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I started cookin dinner around 10:00 am this morning in the crock pot, threw some diced green peppers, diced jalapenos, cream of chicken soup, and a package of chicken in there, cooked on low for 8 hours then rapped the juicy fall apart chicken in tortillas and covered them in the sauce it all cooked in, put cheese on top and baked until cheese was melted :) they were so good, so filling and ahh. i want moree haha
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Subway & a strawberry cream cheese pie
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I'm going for some Thai food with my mom :)
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