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when do stretch marks appear?

Hey everyone, so I'm 26 weeks pregnant, I'm 18 and this is my first baby. I was wondering when stretch marks appear. I started getting on my breasts but nothing on my belly. I know when my mom was pregnant with me she got lots of em, is it true that genetically u get them as bad as your mother (that's something I read somewhere) and when do they start to show?
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My mother had them really bad with both me and my sister. This is my third child and I got a few on my thighs but no where else! I weighed 125 (my height is 5"2) with my first and gave birth at 140. And with my second I weighed 130 and gave birth at 170!!!! And I am 15 weeks pregnant with third. Personally I believe it has something to do with your diet, how much water you intake, how moistured you keep your skin, and also I never scratched. I had my first when I was 19.
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There isn't a certain point when u get them all women are different some get them some don't and some maybe even only get a few it just depends but I highly recommend u go to motherhood & buy the body boost cream or any cream that helps prevent stretch marks & rub it all over ur belly,breasts,hips,and the sides of ur belly...I been using my cream (body boost from motherhood) religiously since I was 16 weeks pregnant and I do not have any stretch marks whatsoever it works great! And also when choosing a body cream it's always a plus if it has collagen and elastin in it as well!  Good luck  
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Thankyou so much I'm crossing my fingers that I'm one of those girls who don't get many but I will deff go try it thankyou !!!
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I've heard many girls say they didn't get them until late in pregnancy, so around 30+ weeks. However if you stay hydrated, moisturized, & don't gain more weight than necessary then you may not get any. I didn't get any at all with my first child, and now I'm 36 weeks with my second and still haven't gotten any :)
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I didn't get stretch marks until after I had the baby with my first I was 140 and at birth I was 173...sames I had him I immediately lost 20 pounds that's when the stretch marks appeared.
Didn't have any more appear with my 2nd. I'm 39 weeks with my 3rd I only noticed 1 new stretch marks probably my weight gain could be a factor.
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I'm 16 weeks pregnant and already getting them. But I was little before I got pregnant
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Everyone is different. I had some on my boobs in the first trimester with my first baby. I did t get any stomach marks until 3 days before my so. Was born. I had my son at 39weeks and 5 days. Soni got mine at 39weeks and 2 days. I'm 33 weeks this time and inhavent gotten any new ones... Just old ones being stretched again.
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My mate got them the last 2 weeks she was pregnant mind you she didn't use moisturizer at all and scratched all the time
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I'm 34 weeks and my mom got them really bad for all 3 of her kids. I put tons of lotion on and don't scratch or anything, pretty much anything I can do to avoid getting them but I still did. I haven't gained any weight this pregnancy. I actually lost some but as soon as I started getting a baby bump they started appearing from my stomach being stretched out.

If you get them you get them, it is genetic. But keep up with the lotion and once you have the baby they will lighten up and you may not even be able to see them
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I got mine at 39 weeks... Only 3 days before I delivered... I actually felt my skin stretch and tear across my belly... No fun!
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I'm 40+3 and not got any yet. I haven't moisturised but I do drink a lot of water.
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