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why am i losing so much weight while pregnant??

i am 15 wks pregnant. in november i weighed in at 214, which is overweight for me, im only 5'6''. since then, i am down to 189 lbs. i am getting sick alot,)(throwing up) and it's weird but i stopped eating junk food! you'd think i'd want to eat more since im pregnant but i have no desire to eat chocolate, sweets, etc. and before i was pregnant i was eating way too much sweets and sodas a day! i used to weigh 134 before i got into the kick of sweets and sodas. but like i said i have no desire for them anymore. im just wondering if im losing weight due to throwing up so much, or from changing my eating habits, maybe a little of both? but ive read that it's ok to lose weight while pregnant but only if your already overweight to begin with. but ive already lost 25 lbs in 2 mos, that's seems excessive. my doc hasnt said anything about it. what do you think???
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I think it's okay in your case. As long as baby is gaining and growing, it's fine. I am almost 17 weeks and have lost 16 pounds so far. I was 30 pounds overweight and like you, I have been vomiting and I have no desire for junk food anymore. I think it's a combo of both. My midwife isn't concerned as baby is growing and seems fine so far. Just keep taking your prenatals and eating healthy foods and it will be okay. :)
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Hi i was similar to you i lost about 5Kilo during my first trimester.  I am now 24 weeks and i have only gained 3 kilos total.   My docs have said the baby is fine a developing and grow perfectly,  it is my body that has lost the weight,  i am perfectly happy with that,  I was a healthy weight before pregnancy but happy to lose a couple also.

i was effected by morning sickness a little but nothing extreme,  i would prefer to eat fresh fruit and salads so i think that is what caused my loss.  It could be the same for you also.

Don't worry,  Your baby will take all the nutrients he/she needs and you get the left over :)

Good luck.
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I'm 5'6" with a regular weight of 130.  When I was pregnant, by the ninth month I had gained about 35 lbs.  In your shoes, I'd be delighted to drop all of the weight you put on with the sweets, and wouldn't worry unless you dropped below your original weight of 135 plus the weight to be expected from the baby at the given stage of pregnancy.  Right now, you could be 145 or 150 and the doctor probably wouldn't worry.  
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I believe that 1. you have been sick and throwing up, so its ok to loose weight. 2. You stopped eating junk food, so its double ok for you.
Because you are overweight, you will lose much more than a non-overweight person. In fact, you might go back to 150 lbs and still be fine! I would be happy with the weight lose!
Once you reach 15-17 weeks, you should start gaining weight back, slowly and steady. If that doesn't happen, then it is a problem I would say. I know many people who lost LOTS of weight before they start gaining, especially in their first 3 months.
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Hey, I don't know if you TLC channel but I do and I was watching a show about women being pregnant and the woman on there had lost weight as well. I am 16 wks pregnant and I have lost weight as well about ten pounds but I am about 5'10 and weight about 180 and I wasnt sick. But just cutting out the junk food really helps and its unessary food you and the baby don't need. I had talked to my doctor about losing weight and he said it was fine as long as its not tons and I am not bleeding. So pretty much I can tell you that I would talk to your doctor about it, it doesnt hurt to ask!!! Good Luck..
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