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why are my breasts no longer sore?


I really need some reassurance, Im 6weeks pregnant going on 7weeks! At the beginning my breasts were so sore and this morning Ive noticed that the soreness has gone, does this come and go?

Ive had no sickness or anything and Im starting to panic that maybe Im going to miscarry!!

I had a miscarriage In Oct past and im so scared of it happening again!!

I know I should try not to stress but its easier said than done.......

Im also getting the odd stabbing pain in my lower abdomen, below my belly button is this normal? I know everyone is different but I just find it strange that Ive no symptoms of pregnancy apart from a postive test and being a tad tired but nothing too over powering!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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All symptoms can come and go.  Some women never get symptoms, some get hit full force, others have intermittent symptoms.  It's not unusual.  Even if you have been pregnant before, each pregnancy is different, I am now pregnant for the 8th time and each pregnancy was different as far as symptoms and feelings.  

Have you had your first ob appt?  I would try not to worry unless you start having cramps (like worse than period cramps) and/or bleeding.  In those cases I would immediately call your doc or go to the ER.  
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I have my first appointment on 20th January, looking forward to it and then hopefully it should put my mind at rest!!  Ive had no bleeding at all so maybe all the twinges are just ligament pains!! The worst thing is all the not knowing and because of my previous M/C its making me nervous!

Just want everything to be ok.....  

Thanks for your reply!! :-)
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i would just give it a few days...i bet you start feeling more symptoms this week. 7 weeks is when i started getting really bad morning sickness...before that i didnt feel pregnant at all ..the only thing i felt were the weird little cramps and twinges and honestly about the sore breasts thing...mine didnt even get sore at all until my second trimester and it only lasted about a week. so maybe you'll be like me and just wont get much of the breast soreness. i would just enjoy the no symptoms while you can because there will be plenty to go around soon enough :)
congrats on ur pregnancy and goodluck!
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LoL I wouldn't worry too much about your brest not being sore, LoL.  I don't think mine ever were sore, even when my milk came in after I had my son.  As for other symptoms, I wouldn't worry yet either, I began having morning sickness around 8 weeks... and it was terrible, also the cramping feeling, being that it's not terrible and it's comming and going, I would guess that its just the uterian ligamients streching and prepairing for you're gowing little one.  However, If you begin to have terrible cramping, bleeding or any other unsuall symptoms, I would call the doctor, OR go to the ER and if you're bleeding and cramping I would go to the er emediatly!!
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I wouldn't be too concerned. I had the exact same thing happen, my symptoms all disappeared around week 7 and I am now 12 1/2 weeks and all is well :)
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Girls I really appreciate all of your comments its made me feel so much better :-) I think I'll feel more settled when I have my early scan next week!!

Thanks again x
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