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wine while pregnant

I was wondering if drinking wine while pregnant is ok? I heard that a couple glasses is ok. I haven't drink any wine, I was just wondering. TY
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I have heard both ways. My ob doctor said that the saying it is ok to drink a glass of wine while prego is a wives tale. She said that is absolutely false and no matter what kind of alcohol, alcohol is alcohol and all is bad for baby, That is just what I heard, it scared me enough to stay away from wine while pregnant but whether it is a wives tale or true i dont think anyone knows. My advice would be not to drink any though.
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idk i dont understand....the french can drink, and i don't think we hear much about them having FAS alot....and i've been told that 8-12oz a week or every 10 days is ok.....
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i have heard both also, but i just know with me, i wouldnt want to risk it. alcohol is alcohol and the way i look at it is if i wouldnt put it in a bottle and give it to the baby, im sure not going to give it to it now, just not worth the risk! 9 months is a short little time to give it up, for a lifetime of happiness that a child brings! :)
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Ok... My doctor said alchahol isn't good during pregnancy

HOWEVER: When I told him that I enjoy the occasional glass of wine (the size you get at a restaraunt) about 1-2x a week since my 2nd trimester. he didn't say anything other than, OK but no more than that. :)

He wasn't worried AT ALL! People get worried about a TON of things while pregnant, but if you look at other cultures who practice things WE worry about like the french (wine) and japanese~ Sushi, you'll see they're kids turn out fine.

I've eaten sushi from a grade A place since I got pregnant and all has been fine. Of course I had eaten there for a year and knew it was a really safe place to eat.
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Feel the same about wine & sushi ~ it's all a matter of choice ~ as long as you're not overdoing anything it's ok in moderation and can actually assist in implantation since it helps with blood flow (wine ~ RED) ~ also feel the same about the Sushi ~ don't know if I'll be able to go without it if I EVER get BFP!
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not that i plan on drinking but i agree with jessless, so many other cultures do things that we are told is forbidden and their FAS, DS, and other birth defect rates are lower than ours.  i think we focus so much on what not to do that sometimes we forget there are so many other places in the world that do things differently and they are fine.
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i've heard both ways but i do enjoy my glass of merlot on occasion. my sil drank a glass of wine 2 x's a week through her entire pregnancy and her baby (my wonderful lil nephew) turned out perfect. so far nothings been wrong with any of my tests and both boys have good strong heart beats and are growing perfectly.

it's all up to you really....don't go and get **** faced of course but a glass here or there won't hurt you i'm sure.
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i personally wouldnt ...if i was 21.....its just not worth it. i know during my whole pregnancy i tried to avoid EVERYTHING. i didnt take tylenol until i was like in my third trimester and even then it was absolutly  needed.

if you dont NEED to drink (which no1 does, i would say theres no need for it.) thats just me but i wouldnt want to expose my child so that
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I didnt drink during my pregnancy.  I figured I would leave it up to my son on when he wanted to drink, not because I made him.  I am sure it will not cause any damage, but I wanted to give him the best start in life I possibly could!  After all it is only 9 months of your life and a life time of your childs.
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here you on that one!!!!
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Incidence Rate for Fetal alcohol syndrome: approx 1 in 755,555 or 0.00% or 359 people in USA

of course, these are based on people actually found to HAVE FAS.....that means out of our population, out of 4 billion people, only 359 people were actually found to HAVE THIS DISEASE.....seems there are more deaths and mental illness attributed to other issues, not FAS.....
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I bumped an old conversation on this for your benefit....  - Red wine and pregnancy ??

Have a look.
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