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worried RH - blood type :(

just found out today that im RH- A- and that my blood could start to attack my babys blood ;( ive had 2 miscarriages but this was in mexico so i was not vaccinated so no this baby also might not make it or be born very sick
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Your baby will be fine I have RH- blood and all you have to do it get a shot later on in your pregnancy, get one anytime you have any bleeding and again after birth. It not a big deal and it is very common.
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the dr scared me lol
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I have O- and both of my kids were +.  I had the Rhogam shot with both of them and they were both born healthy and with no problems.  It's a good idea to get the rhogam shot after a miscarriage, too, as blood can mix there and cause problems but if you are pregnant again and so far no problems, then blood type should not be a problem.
I also had to get the shot this time even though my husband is also -, just to be safe.  Try not to worry about it,  Rh- women have Rh+ babies safely all the time.  Even in countries that don't give the rhogam shot like we do in the US.
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I know mine did the same with my first pregnancy. Just remember that if you do have any bleeding you need to receive the shot within 72hours or it can do damage. And if its 72 hours after the doctor will not give it to you.
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The only time you should be concerned is if you have antibodies in your blood. Your doctors would know if you did by doing standard blood work.
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Im Rh- and I am having my third baby... you will get a shot at 28 weeks and you and baby will be fine.... the only thing i noticed with my babies is that they had a bit more jaundice than other peoples babies that I saw but that is easily treatable.... it is common and you have nothing to worry about
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Keep this in mind though. IF you have antibodies, they will never go away. The shot only prevents them, it doesn't eliminate them.
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he said it sowed in the blood work that i did have antibodies but not enough to even count ? he said i have to get more blood work done in 4 weeks but if i do have the antibodies is it good or bad i dont understand? he didnt explain any thing all he said is my blood can and mostlikely will attack my babies blood and the baby can die or be born weak or have birth defects  
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They'll watch and keep an eye on it. Thw antibodies do attack the child, but I believe by now would have already caused miscarriage if it would have happened. (it's usually in the first trimester) From my understanding, miscarriage due to being Rh negative isn't common. The most common thing is anemia to the baby, and if there are few antibodies it shouldn't cause too much (if any harm)
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thanx clysta your the best i feel i can relax now and thanx all the other woman for your help also its all been very helpful
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The dr can give you a shot to keep the antibodies in your blood from attacking the baby. I had to get it when I was  like 13 weeks because I was bleeding. I don't remember what it's called though. You can ask your dr though.
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At 28 weeks you'll be given an Anti D shot and you will also be given a shot once the ba is born for future pregnancies! (I didnt have a shot after my MC and harry is perfectly fine)

But you will only get the shot if the babies father is a + blood group as you are negative, if the babies father is also - you wont need the shot! As that what's happened to my mum, My step dad is also RH - as is my mum therefore didnt need a shot at all because there was NO chance the baby would end up having + Blood!

If that makes sense!

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My husband is needing to go get his blood tested as I am also A- and after my miscarriage, I had to get the shot... I had spotting very very early in my pregnancy, wasnt even blood but pink discharge around the time I should have had my period (only once when I wiped)...  After my MC, i was told I should get the shot any time I have any spotting or bleeding.  I dont think antibodies had anything to do with my pregnancy loss as it was a blighted ovum and never expelled itself so..

I hope he turns out to be negative ...it definitely makes me fearful of future pregnancies but I assure, I will be calling my doctor anytime I have bleeding (as thats what she said to do)
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