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I been scared lately because I think Ima have to have a c section because im too small to deliver vaginally. Its something about c sections that terrify me and idk why. But what scared me was me nd my bf tried to have sex and I guess since we haven't did in a while I went back to normal size and its like my first time all over again cuz back then he couldn't fit either. And its like if I cant fit him in how am I suppose to push a baby out lol or maybe I'm bein over dramatic. Sorry if its too long and tmi I just need some reassuring advice
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Our bodies can do miraculous things. I would suggest if you're worried to start having lots of sex because it'll stretch you out. Has your doctor mentioned csection or is this just something you thought of?
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No just something I thought of I seen this girl I use to go to school with at Walmart and she said she had to get a c section cuz her baby was too big and I'm smaller than her so it made me wonder
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I'm 4'11 and my daughter was 8lbs 12ozs, my son was 8lbs 9.5ozs, I couldn't have either of them naturally, I had both via c-section. My sister is the same height and had both of her babies, both under 7lbs via c-section because she was too small, it's not uncommon for a more petite women to have to have a c-section because of a narrower birth canal, the stretchiness of your vagina has nothing to do with birth, it's your birth canal that matters, and being smaller and having narrower hips, it's likely to have a smaller birth canal. BUT I have a friend who is about 5'1 and she has had 2 babies over 9lbs, one almost 10lbs, naturally, it's very possible, like kate said, our bodies do amazing things sometimes. I wouldn't stress yourself over it, but definitely educate yourself on c-sections, take a birthing class, that's what I did. I was horrified with my first that I would have to have a c-section and I took a birthing class, where they also explained what would happen during a c-section or an emergency c-section, and thank god I did because I ended up with an emergency c-section. It was so scary going from about ready to push, to being immediately wheeled away to the OR within 2-3 minutes to save my son's life because his heart rate was dropping when he tried to descend into my birth canal, and I knew exactly what was going on and what would happen thanks to that class, it wasn't as scary knowing. I just had my 2nd c-section about 3 months ago, and I've honestly LOVED both of my c-sections, they were amazing, beautiful birth experiences, and I honestly didn't have a ton of pain recovering either, within 2 weeks of both c-sections I was full recovered besides heavy lifting. I'll post you the link to my c-section experience incase you're interested in reading it. Try not to stress either way, you'll see in labor that if a c-section is the best thing for your baby, you'll be willing to do whatever, the fear will go away completely if it means the health of your baby. PLUS after being in labor for 12 hours before during my first delivery, a c-section was a blessing haha!!


Good luck hun!!
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Thanks:) I think its just the thought of being cut that scares me. My moms smaller than I am and she never had to get one hopefully I'm like her lol I go back to my doctor next Monday and I'll just talk to her about my concerns
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I ended up with a c section too after being in active labor for 25 hours and not dialating at all and i was more worried about the epidural, but honestly i am so glad i ended up with a c section. I was able to truly enjoy the birth of my baby with my husband without all the pain and exhaustion of labor.
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I was too, but you truly don't even think about it, and like maybaby said, you aren't in terrible pain meeting your baby for the first time, you have no pain at all and it's just a beautiful moment, really.
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Just wanted to say if you do have a vaginal birth as soon as the baby pops out..the pain is gone lol so you can enjoy your baby right when it comes out and you're so high off of excitement you don't really feel the exhaustion part either!
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