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would love to hear what YALL Think/say =]

Okay so im 3-4 days late on my period, and im wondering when ya'll were pregnant how was your cervix? was it high, low, soft, firm etc. also how was your CM, did you feel dry, wet, was it creamy or watery or EWCM.... i would love to know because i just checked my cervix and its high and it doest feel small like a little round ball, it feels like a oval and it feels a bit swollen or somewhat like a pucker and i had creamy white CM and me and my husband BD yesterday and today i think i had some of his sperm glide out of me... i dont want to get my hopes up if im pregnant because when ever we do AF shows her ugly face lol, I have a test but im still playing the "waiting game" i will test on monday (if i still dont get AF) some of the symptoms im having for the past 4-5 days have been

Mild/light cramps
Boobs/Nipples sore
Pressure on lower tummy about 2 days ago
Been feeling HOT
Cant sleep that well at night because i feel hot lol
Burped and had heartburn for a few minutes then it stoped

and thats about it. I do hope i am pregnant because this will be more good new for us but if im not, im not gonna let it get me down, it just means more BD lol

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I just noticed a vein on my right boob by and on the top of my nipple and my husband said they did look a bit darker but I'm trying not to think about it so much, I don't feel anymore cramps but my boobs and nips still hurt, I hope we all get that bfp :)
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I feel you both. I have been getting all the same type of symptoms. But my cm has been on the creamy side and the cervix is high but can drop to the mid point during the day. I know my bbs have been hurting like someone is pinching the crud out of the nipple. I am on Cd31 Dpo17 and I have taken 5 HPT since CD23 and all BFN. I have always been able to check my cervix and notice if AF was going to show within a few days. I sure hope I am especially after 2 major ectopic surgeries since last sap... Good Luck to you ladies *~*~*~*~SSBD~*~*~*~
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You don't have to say for anything :) we are all adult women and need to know how all of us feel :) I hope we are, tying not to get my hopes up... But I do hope we are, of so this would be my first baby :) SSBD to all of the women TTC :) and thank you so much for answering my question(s) :)
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well I am cd25 of a 30 day cycle and for the past 2 days I have lower back ache that will not let up! My boobs feel heavier and not massively sore but definitely soreness there. I had mucus yesterday and day before....it looked like (sorry) a snotty colour and was a significant amount in my underwear, but nothing today! .....oh yeah and dh says I AM NESTING!! haha, cos I cleaned the oven today and tidied the cleaning cupboard and had a massive tidy of the kids toys....I don't even know if i'm pregnant yet...how can I be nesting??? subconscious??
I think I'm peeing more and I'm more thirsty, and am hot at night too....some cramping from time to time, but hey these could all be af signs!
My worst symptom for sure is lower back pain, I never get it when af is due...so am wondering if I might be?
Anyways, ssbd to us! :D
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