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36 weeks 2 days 6 cm dilated

I went to my OBGYN on the 15th of Jan.  because of contractions that
were not so much painful as unconfortable and they seemed to have a
pattern but some were alot more mild that others.  When he checked my
cervix I was 3 cm and 60% effaced.  He told me to go home and go to L&D
if the contractions got painful or if I couldn't walk or talk through
them and he also stated that there was nothing he could to help my abor
since I was still preterm.  I go home and go about my normal business.  I
go to L&D because I was having very strong contractions that were going
on for about 2 hours this is on the 17th of Jan.  They checked me I was
now 4 cm and 70% effaced and they said baby was very low.  They took
urin samples and called the doctor on call, which is not my doctor and I
have never seen him, he said to treat me for a UTI even though I had a
culture in my doctors office and my urine thta night came back fine, and
to give me something for the pain(it made me pass out)My contractions
got less strong but still coming at the same time rate 3-5 minutes.  They
wanted to keep me till the mouring but I insisted on going home.  I went
to my OB appt the 19th of Jan.  my doctor said I was almost 5 cm and 80%
effaced and there was nothing he could do for the constant contractions
I was having till I was full term.(let me add that I am not dehydrated
the check evertime and my urine is like almost clear) and same rules
apply go to L&D if the contractions get worse.  Well later that night
they were so bad I was huffing and puffing and it terible pain.  Could
not walk or talk through them.  I went to L&D they admitted me my
contractions were BIG about a minute long 2-4 minutes apart and I
noticed the number on the moniter got to the highest like mid 70's
peaking.  They checked me I was almost 6 cm.  They monitered me all
night and when the doctor checked me in the moring and I was the same 6
cm he sent me home.  I feel very uneasy with being home 6 cm dilated
with constant contractions that are obviously doing something to me.  I
don't know what to do my doctor says there is nothing he can do and I am
scared to be home and have expressed this to him.  I need some addvice.
I have no problems with this pregnancy and my lst labor I went in at
5:30 am 2 cm and had my baby in my arms at 10:04am.  I am very scared
that I will have my baby at home.
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i think you might have posted this in the wrong forum....36 weeks its not consider a preemie..you might want to try the pregnancy forum...Good Luck.
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