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Anyone had preterm at 34 weeks?

Hi, I've been feeling really awkward lately, extremely tired and baby kicks seemed slightly painful. I just went to the hospital this morning for a regular check up, and the ob/gyn told me I was having some contractions.I had a CTG scan and said the contractions were there only at the beginning ( I am currently in week 33+6) and that thankfully I could go home but had to take the first steroid shot this morning ( for baby lung development just in case). Tomorrow morning I take shot n.2.
I haven't been sleeping the past 2 nights cause I'm worried and feel slight-like menstrual cramps and slight low back ache( which I hadn't had before) and don't know what to expect. I'm stuck in a middle Eastern country as my sponsor hasn't renewed my working visa and can't leave the country.I was planning to deliver in my home country -Italy... : ( Anyone have any suggestion as to what to expect?I am now staying home ad trying to relax but scared...also have a 1yr 2mth old son at home w me :)Born at week 40....
If I can renew my visa should i travel ? Help someone!
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I'm not sure if you still needed reassurance or not with the date on this post, but as for your question about travelling back home now, I would not. It is not considered safe to do travelling I believe past 30/32 weeks. More than likely you could expect to get your steroid shots, and still not go into labor. They've given me two separate rounds of it now, one double shot 24 hours apart when I was 26 weeks, and another when I was almost 30 weeks. There's a chance you could still go into labor though, the steroid shot is nothing but merely an additive to mature the lungs of a premature baby who could be born to where they may require help with breathing and they just want to do all they can for your baby. You could have been having more of the labor-like contractions vs Braxton hicks contractions which is why you felt the low back pain and cramping. Hopefully you're doing well, along with your little one! Congrats!
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