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My child was born @ 27weeks. He was resesitated at birth. could that have affected him in any way? I have many issues with him. I'm afraid of going places with him because of the way he acts up. He does not talk yet so it's very hard to communicate with him. He seems to understand some things I say to him but for the most part he alway's seem's like his mind is racing at 100 mph. It's like he does not comprehend what i'm saying. He's VERY aggressive with other children. He also has to take prelone from time to time for asthma and i worry that might be affecting him too.
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how old is he now? and did you ever have him enrolled into the early on program? has he ever seen a neuorologyst..i would just try to be patient with him and make him understand things he can and cant do, i know its very frastuerated my brother has a daughter whos 5 now and she was like all over the place and acts really bad especially when they are out in front of other people...at one point he was told that she was autistic but hes gotten many other second opinion and she is so not! its just the way sometimes they do it its more like a cry for attention, she is doing much better now but she is grounded half of the time...but she still manages to do things she want..:)
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My son was on 100% oxygen for almost 3 weeks when he was born. He was only 4 weeks early but really sick. His lungs weren't developed, he had kidney problems, heart problems (even had heart surgery at a month old!), and we were told at the time that he could have developmental delays because of the oxygen. He had horrible mood swings even as an infant, and didn't have any language, didn't know his name, hated being around people, etc. He wound up getting diagnosed with Autism at 21 months old. (not saying I think your son is autistic) We were fortunate to have started with early intervention when he was 14 months old and he is doing great now. He is definitely autistic but has come so far. I would question your pediatrician and see if he thinks your son needs an early intervention program. It is not just for children with autism, it is also for kids with delays. I don't know how old your son is, but if he is at an age where he should be talking and does not there is definitely help for that. Some of the behaviors could be due to frustration. Having something to say and not being able to talk is awful. If you get nowhere with the pediatrician and you still feel strongly about these issues, I would suggest maybe seeing a pediatric neurologist. It's kind of scary thought, but I can honestly tell you as a mother who's gone through it, that it's so much better to have some answers than worry constantly. I felt kind of a momentary heartbreak when they told me my son was Autistic, but then this calm feeling came over me and we were like "well. ok, this is what's going on now we can do something about it" now there is information, and advice, goals, and help. I wish you all the best of luck!
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