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mommies who had or may have a premature baby

How many mommies with premature babies and how premature would love to hear some stories
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My water broke at 22 weeks. Scariest time of my life. I was even on pestostergen shots due to my son's early birth.

The Dr told me I had to make it to 23 weeks 5 days in order for them to consider her viable. (Small town clinic). I had to go home and wait until I was 23 and 5 days before they'd even admit me. That was the longest 2 weeks of my life. I was certain I was in labor alllll the time. I went to a big hospital for this and they asked me at that time if I'd want them to intervene and try to save her if she was born before the 23 and 5. I thought "what a stupid question! Of course id want everything/anything done to save her!"
I luckily made it to 23.5 and was admitted. I had an emergency c section at 25 and 3. She weighed 1lb 9oz 12 inches long.
That girl has been through so much in her short life. I watched her get bagged for CPR after extubation failed for the 10th time, numerous blood transfusions and blood draws. Lung disease and infection.
She was in for 90 days. It's crazy. At the time I didn't think we'd ever see this side of her story, but here we are.
She's the cutest 3 year old you could imagine and only 8 mos younger than her big bro  (the other light in my life) who was also early but only 5 weeks and not even a percentage of what she went through.
I have a whole new appreciation for life now. Before I went though this I didn't understand the emotion behind a miscarriage but somewhat get it now.
I feel I habe a miracle baby and that's what lots ofpeople refer her as.

The Drs kept asking me if I smoke. No I didn't.

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33 weeks ******* and she was born weighing 4.7 pound. She is almost 16 now.
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