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my 11mo preemie can't grow....help

my daughter was born 12 weeks premature but was the size of a 15 week premature baby (weight an lenght). my huby is 6 ft. i am 5'10" ...neither comes from a short or structurlly challeneged family.  she has only grown an inch (yes, one inch) in over 6 months. we are taking her in to a variety of specialist. but she is only 25" long. her weight is not in issue. she is developing above par (she can already walk). no gerd, or other refulx problems. no rop, no pda issues, has chronic lung disease but shows no signs ---taking her in at a year to re-evaluate that.. her food intake is amazing, and is transitioning from baby food to toddler food. she is on soy formula due to a genetic diary allergy. in the nicu she has multiple blood transfusions and had a really really rough start. but after she served her 66 days...she has no health problems other than the fact she won't grow. any suggestions as to what might be going on with her?
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I am not a dr - but I had a little girl 8 weeks early - and she for the first half of her life she was in the 3rd percentile for growth - she did not start really getting larger in the sense of height and weight until about 9 or so months when she finally rose above the 5th percentile.  They always told me not to compare her to other babies her birth age - but babies her due date age... meaning - that you little one was 3 months early - so for a 3 month old - 25 inches is pretty good - mine was 17 inches when she was born - now she will be 8 years old in a week and is the tallest one in her class - she is the same size now as I was when I was 11 years old.  I hope that you can find it comforting to know that while they may be little peanuts in size when they are born - it does not necessarily mean she will be small in the future - oh - I am 5'6 her father is 6' - I wear a size 5 1/2 shoe - she will be 8 on Monday - she is up to my sholders and wears a size smaller than me in shoes :)
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she is actually 8months corrected and 11 months non corrected. she started growing fine and was 25 inches at 3months corrected 6 months non corrected, and hasn't grown since then (well, 1/2 an inche in almost 6 months). her corrected age she in the 3% and her corrected age, she doesn't even chart. docs are not concerned about her weight of developement, but her lenght. i had a son born at 10 weeks premature, and he is tall (3ft. 5in at just under 3 years). he developed correctly and had a continued growth chart. however, our daughter isn't growing.
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What does your dr suggest?  I am sorry you are going through this..... are they going to see her next month to see if there is any progress?
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the dr has yet to suggest anything that is intelligent. my husband is in the military, and we get the lovely military docs :/  i have apptmnts with all sorts of specialist trying to figure out what is going on with her.
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