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Opinion of Pelvic Sonogram Report

Recently had a pelvic sonogram; the report states the following:
Uterus measures 9x3x5cm with an endometrial stripe measure 6 mm in width.  no free fluid.  rt ovary measure 2.1x2.4x2.3 cm and contains 1 cm follicles.  lf ovary measure 3.2x 2.0x2.1 cm and contains two simple cysts measureing 2.2 and 1.5 cm in greatest dimension.

impression:  two simple left ovarian cysts.

could you explain with the endometrial stripe is, and why its measured - its signficance.  also what would free fluid be of importantce.  what are follicles and what is their significance; and the 'simple' cysts-are they considered large and should they be worrisome?

I went to see my doctor because of pelvic pain and pressure that has never been felt before.  Cancer does run in my family.
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Thanks for your question. However, your concerns are better addressed by a gynecologist. Endometrial stripe is a radiographic sign that measures the thickness of the endometrium. It is a common measurement in pelvic ultrasound and your value is in the normal range. Free fluid can be a sign of infection or abnormal blood, so not having it is good. Simple cysts are fluid-filled structures. Simple suggests that are benign compared to other cysts which may be read as "complex cysts" or "solid masses". I'm not sure about their size especially in relation to your symptoms. A gyn would know better. Hope that helps.
- Dr. Nundy
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