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hypoglycemia issues

I am a 32 yr old Caucasian male.  I am also about 110 pounds over weight, so I very seriously need to lose weight, obviously.  But it is not that I don't have the willpower, it is that I am dealing with symptoms that make it very hard to eat properly.  I will explain...

In the past, I have had reactive hypoglycemic attacks, but just occasionally.  Mainly during exercise.  But, lately, I am having hypoglycemic attacks constantly every day... it doesn't matter what I eat, 4, 3, even sometimes just 2 hours later, my blood sugar has been falling to symptomatic levels, even if the prior meal is solid with proteins, carbs, etc.  

Plus, if that isn't enough, for the same amount of time, even when my blood sugar registers as normal (I do have a home meter), I am constantly feeling sickly... hard to explain, but I seem to have .. not so much a fatigue, but more like a sick, unwell, uneasy feeling throughout the day, and when my blood sugar becomes low,  this feeling I have been having only increases as well as adding in the usual symptoms of hypoglycemia -- sweating, anxiety, feeling faint.    Only eating a meal that isn't conductive to weight loss will I recover to an extent, but I still am not feeling well even when my sugar level recovers.   I would say that maybe this happens 2-3 times per day.

Within the past 6 months, I have had my A1c, CBC and CMP (fasting) tested....I should mention that when I wake up in the mornings, that my sugar level is always normal when I test it.   I am not diabetic and I have never seen my sugar high at all.

Question:  can you tell me which lab tests I should be sure to get for a thorough evaluation?  Do I need things such as insulin levels, cortisol, etc.?   Are there other tests outside the lab I would need to be sure something serious isn't wrong with me?   And, I know you can't diagnose me over the internet, but what do you think is wrong with me? What does your gut tell you? Also, any weight loss advice with my symptoms?

Thank you.
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PS -- also, had my TSH and free T4 checked, as well as my cholesterol - all normal.
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PPS - I do not take any meds at all.
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Hello?  Please?
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Hi, your concerns are important. However, I feel they are better addressed by someone with expertise in endocrinology. Perhaps there is someone else at medhelp.org who can help, but better still would be a comprehensive face-to-face evaluation with your physician.
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