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Psa rising after prostate removal does this mean cancer is left behind in body?

My husband had his prostate removed 16 months ago when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer with a psa of 10. Since then we have had psa checks very regularly. His psa initially dropped ,(BUT NEVER TO ZERO) but then has risen minutely but steadily. i.e. over thee 16 months its gone from .14 to .28. So, in theory it has doubled however small the numbers may be.
The urologist is pushing for him to do a round of radiation, we are hesitant  as there are so many downfalls and potential side effects to the treatment.
Has anyone had this experience? Had a prostate out, still had a psa count that is rising (even though at tiny numbers)? Gone to radiation? OR had this and not gone to radiation?
If you could please share your advice and experiences with me, I would be greatly appreciative!!
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What did the pathology report say?  Was the cancer contained in the prostate?  
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