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Advanced prostate cancer

Dear Dr.
          I am a medical doctor who is talking to you regarding my father , I will enclose full patient history :
- 73 years old non diabetic , hypertensive with diagnosis of prostate adenocarcinoma .Gleason score 7 , metastasis to pelvis LNs, 2 groups affected .
- Treated with orchiectomy with drop of PSA levels , then rose again and used hormone therapy ( Zoladex, casodex, lupron and luflutanide ) with good effcts initially then PSA started to rise again . Current level is 60 .
- His prostate has grown extensively and blocked both ureters, Rt kidney developed hydronephrosis , Let kidney was managed initially with stent (double J ) which was changing every 3 months . He developed frank hematuria wich necessiated  removal of stent and currently on Lt nephrostomy .
I just wanted to explore the chances and treatment options at this stage . He is currently complaining of few painful drops of blood per urethra daily with intractable pain while dropping this blood everyday .Kidney functions are normal .
I appreicate your reply and IF possible if you could let me know thae name of few research insttutes that can adopt his case.
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I am sorry to hear that your father is having intractable pain.

You could try contacting any cancer center which is closest to where your father stays.
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