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Afraid my husband has prostate cancer. Advice pls!

So about 3 years ago is when all the trouble began. One day his leg swelled up and went to E.R and they found he had a massive DVT and a small PE. He was hospitalized a week and put on blood thinners for about 6 months. Tested for everything under the sun...everything came back normal and they couldn't find cause as to why he had a blood clot. He hadn't taken any trips, not a smoker, didn't have a genetic blood clotting disorder...

Shortly after that he started having pain in his tailbone region. Still has it to this day, he can't sit for long without having to lean to one side. He has been to all kinds of doctors for this too and even had a bone doctor take xrays...nothing..

So then about 6 months ago he started developing symptoms of prostatitus. Burning while urinating, blood in semen, pain in penis, pain with ejaculation, dribbling, and the feeling of not fully emptying bladder.

He went to a urologist and they diagnosed him with a prostate inefection. Gave him antibiotics that really didn't seem to help...until...

He got sick again, this time with a rare MRSA infection. Was hospitalized again for about a week, had two surgerys and was put on heavy IV antiobiotics for 2 weeks at home. His symptoms of prostatitus seemed to go away while he was on the IV antibiotics. Only to return again once more after he stopped them.

His uriologist just seemed to shrug it off when he mentioned his concern that maybe it could be something more serious and maybe he should have his PSA l le tested. The doctor said he's too young for prostate cancer...my husband is 35 btw..

I'm really worried .. he's been thru a lot of weird and rare medical issues the last couple years and it seems like every few months something new pops up he's having to deal with.

Id like to hear your thoughts and opionions please.
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I forgot to mention. Last week he had pain under his armpits, lymph node region. Lasted a few days and now is fine...
Am I just freaking out now over nothing? Is this a common thing ? Could ur lymph nodes swell up with just a normal prostate infection?
Did you figure out what was the problem?
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So when your husband went back and told the doctor that the symptoms were returning after the IV antibiotics, what did the doctor do?  How is your husband now since this post was from a while ago.  
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First of all no one is too young to have/get prostate cancer , in fact if you search up rock em sock em Trevor he was diagnosed at 9yrs old , pls find a new doctor and insist on the PSA test ( there are many men on fb prostate group that have been diagnosed in there 30's)
agree. see another urologist and get an opinion at least
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