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Am i having sti or uti or protrate problem?

me a 20 y/o male

10 days back increased frequency of urination
felt like i was leaking pee. but never was. no discharge came out either. examined by retracting prepuce and clapping sides of the penis.
6 days back weird tingling feeling at the tips of penis, used to last for periods during the day (lasted for 3 days)
haven't felt this signs again for a while.

3 days back occasional itch in the urethra, would last for sometime then go away.
also same 3 days back a strange mass feeling over the perineum (similar to constipation) which would also come occasionally, last for periods during the day. absent in the morning when i have woken up, doesn't appear till long time say around 4-5 hrs after sleep. these symptoms have stayed for the last 3 days till now. no lumpy feeling over  perineum or itch till now today.

As of now urinary details. usually clear or straw colored. daily volume normal or may be more than normal. no associated pain during urination or burning sensation while passing urine.

Urinary stream- begins slowly, have to apply pressure to empty the bladders

Checked whenever felt the need to urinate for discharge but never found any discharge. no watery or mucoplurent substance seen even after clapping the penis from the sides.

Had an unprotected sexual encounter with a woman 12 days back, had such encounter with the same person before but never such symptoms.

no fever. no inguinal swelling. no rash around the genital areas or penile bulb. no testicular pain or tenderness.

bit paranoid over it. help would be appreciated. is there any reason for being concerned?

if i wish to get screend or checked, where should i go?

thank you
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Any doctor can test you for std,s as well as check your prostate to see if its enlarged.
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