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Any Hope for PSA of 42.8?


I just had my first ever PSA test, and it was 42.8 ng/ml.  I'm 55 and have had an enlarged prostate for many years.  I saw an ultrasound 10 years ago that showed my prostate so large that my bladder had very little room left.  My urinary issues have gotten very, very bad.  I thought I was struck by either prostatitus or a urinary infection in December that has improved since but that I still feel. I probably masturbated the night before the test.  And I take a lot of Prostalex Plus, which is mainly Saw Palmetto.

Is there any hope whatsoever that I am not in deep, deep trouble?
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What are the symptoms present? PSA test is usually indicated to screen for prostate cancer. However, it  is not foolproof. Other conditions  like a larger prostate. prostate infection, urinary tract infection and recent tests on the bladder may also cause an increase in PSA levels. It is best that you check with your attending physician for proper evaluation. Your age, race, medicines you are taking, physical evaluation and medical history are important considerations.  Take care and do keep us posted.
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From my very new experience (I'm just a patient no medical degree) I would consult with a urologist and get a biopsy asap to put your mind at ease.   Fear of the unknown ***** big time.
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Hi Dr Santos.  My symptoms were difficulty urinating and urinating often and in small amounts.   I had the test that measures your flow rate which was zero.  With the micro cath I was 100% blocked.  I had the camera up the urethera test which showed it was blocked (maybe BPH they thought) but nothing showed up as bad.   My GP gave me a script for catheters (Huge relief) and had a nurse explain how that worked.  

Just an update.  GDoc has always had me doing a PSA with the yearly physical.   My Uncles both had Prostate Cancer.  One died (rather young because of it)  The other didn't catch it in time to do anything but chemical castration.    

So as I said - I started to have urination problems (So bad I had to self Cath) and Doc started doing more frequent PSAs.  

* * * Self Cath 2 cents worth.  Get prelubricated Caths like SpeediCath.  Get some compact ones to carry (At work etc)   When you use them if it hits a stuck part wiggle your toes and this trick helps to get it in all the way.   And it sounds all horrible but you really do get used to it. * * *

Urologist thought it might be BPH but did a prostate biopsy because the frequent PSAs my Gdoc was doing started rising fairly fast.  Biopsy revealed cancer and I had a radical prostectomy which is looking like it worked.  No PSA for 6 months and no need (at all) to self Cath.   Hooray!
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