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Avodart Pregnancy questions???? PLEASE HELP!!! :(

Hello,Im a male taking Avodart for hair loss but im worried,by what the information is regarding pregnancy.

My question is can i still try to conceive while im taking avodart.

How will this medication effect my sperm count and also will my sperm have this medicine in them.

Will it cause a birth defect if I should get my girlfriend pregnant.

Also if we try for a child how long will it take for the tablets to be out of my stysem

Any help would be very much appriecated..Ive tried asking my gp and hair expert but there so vage.

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not a problem....real this web site - top paragraph
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Dear Arminferry,
I can understand your anxiety, which is justified due to the studies associated with the drug. Avodart is a category X drug during pregnancy and very dangerous. Your girl friend should not come in contact with Avodart capsules or even touch it due to risk of absorption from skin. You must avoid donating blood for 6 months after stopping the drug for the risk of exposure of pregnant women to Avodart through the donated blood.
It affects male genital development or causes external genital abnormalities in male fetus.
There have been studies supporting no effect in fetus if male partner is taking this drug provided the female partner takes precaution against a broken or crushed capsule which can be absorbed via skin.
You are welcome with further queries if any.
Wish you all the best.

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Dutasteride is a powerful drug and still with much mystery.

Conflicting information about its half-life has been released with popular estimates including 10 days and a whole month.

The drug maker warns against blood donations prior to six months of cessation. I am no scientist but understand that Dutateride needs time much longer than 6 months to leave your system.

Fathers claiming to have fathered healthy boys speak too soon as the drug's effects may not emerge until puberty.

To be safe stop using it for YEARS! (yes, years)
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