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Bladder cancer cell have moved deep into prostrate. what are my options?

I'm a little concerned that the prostrate was not being checked when the bladder was treated and biopsied often over the last 3 years. They always found cells in my urine but no tumors. Now they want to remove both. Do you have to take the bladder when you take out the prostrate? What are my options?
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Hi there....I'm not a cancer expert.  My husband had prostate cancer and had his prostate removed.  So what I'm gathering from your post is that you were diagnosed with bladder cancer and got treatment for it but they have now found that the cancer has spread to your prostate?  
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The goal is zero. Some cells are likely lingering. A second opinion never hurts, but radiation... Particularly, PBT proton beam is easier. Check out spaceoaor.com too. I am no vested interest other than I am dealing with it myself.
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