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Burning Sensation while urinating

Hello my name is Rob and I am 48 years of age.

I've have a burning sensation and limited stream of urine while urinating since Monday Oct.22.

I went to see my doctor and he prescribed CIPRO XL 100MG along with an x-ray and ultrasound. I went back to see him today for the results which were normal. I've had a bout of kidney stones in the past and figured this was causing my uncomfort. No sign of kidney stone in the ultra sound. The urine test results were not completed, but there was some blood in the urine and white blood cells. He told me it was a bladder infection and to finish the CIPRO. The side effects from the CIPRO are giving me a thunderous headache.

I was wondering if this has any connection to prostate problems?
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Dear Rob1959:

Urinary symptoms can often be multifactorial. It is not clear that your symptoms are the result of an underlying prostate condition. It is not uncommon for men to have prostate symptoms at your age. Prostate-specific workup may be necessary (i.e. digital rectal examination).

Your described symptoms are consistent with a urinary tract infection. It should be determined if this is due to an obstruction.


Ash Tewari, MD
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