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Can Hernia surgery increase PSA, etc.

I am 61 and in good health.  I have longstanding BPH and have been followed with yearly digital exams and PSA.  My PSA has been up and down over the years with Free PSA checked after higher values.  My Dad had prostate CA at age 75.  My younger brother who also has lonstanding BPH had high PSA's and 4 years ago when it was over 8 he had a biopsy;  it was negative for cancer and positive for prostatitis.  My urologist has always described my prostate as large but very smooth.  My PSA levels 8/02=4.5 (free >25%), 9/02=3.5, 3/03=5.4 (free>25%), 4/03=3.8, 2/04=2.7, 3/05=3.8, 1/06=3.2, 2/07=4.0, 2/08=3.4, 6/09=4.0, 5/10=3.3, 9/11=4.8, 1/12=5.4 (free=24%).  I had an inguinal hernia bothering me for several months and had a repair done on 2/17/12 and had a lot of pain and swelling (I'm still not fine but better).  On 2/29/12 I had a PSA of 6.7nd my urologist said I should probably have a biopsy.  I have scheduled it but am terrified.  My question is :  Is it possible that the hernia and especially the surgery have elevated the PSA.  I also have had night sweats of and on for about 5 months which have improved lately (my brother told me that was the main symptom of his prostatitis.  I also have what some would consider excessive sex.  I know I may be looking for excuses but knowing the uncertainty of this whole area is there any case to be made for not having a biopsy and having a repeat PSA further after the hernia surgery?
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Dear goliath415 ,

Thanks for writing in.

I have reviewed your family history and your yearly PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) values. A hernia surgery by itself shall not lead to increase in PSA. However, if you had bothersome urinary symptoms or catheterisation during surgery, it can certainly lead to increased PSA values.

You have had a fairly good PSA record and I shall advise yourself to get investigated with urinalysis. If an infection is picked up, then you would need to be treated with an antibiotic (the choice of which would be determined by a culture sensitivity report). If no infection is picked up, then continue yourself on alpha blocker and repeat your PSA after 6 weeks. A delay in biopsy by 6 weeks shall not make huge difference even if carcinoma prostate is detected on biopsy at a later date.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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