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My husband had seed implantation in December of 2003 for prostate cancer. He now suffers from severe urinary and fecal incontinence. He also has ulcerative colitis and Parkinsons disease. His doctor told him he needs a TURP for BPH. What are possible complications? Would you suggest other procedures and, if so, what?
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A TURP for BPH is usually done for men who have not responded to medications for their urinary symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate.  These symptoms include incontinence, urgency, weak stream, and going at night often.  Has your husband tried medications (Flomax, Avodart)?  Possible complications for a TURP include bladder neck contracture (a scar where the bladder meets the prostate), retrograde ejacuation (ejaculation into the bladder), and worsening of his incontinence.  Surgical alternatives to TURP include laser therapy for removing prostatic tissue.
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