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Consultation for Prostate Adenocarinoma


I need consultation for my father who has been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma in Prostate.

His PSA Serum was 184 before diagnosis.

Below are diagnosis details (also refer attached reports):

PET CT rpt: prostate is enlarged on perpheral zone in right side, Lymph nodes with increased FDG in right external illiac region and right obturator

PROSTATE Biopsy: Gleason grade = 8 (4+4), no neural or vascular invasion,

LFT: Alkaline phosphate = 173, GGTP = 230

acute anemic

Actions taken so far:

1. Blood transfusion
2. Orchiectomy on 04/03/2011 for PSA to fall.
3. PSA test on 25/03/2011 - PSA=8

Please suggest me the further treatment process which needs to be carried in order to cure him of this carcinoma.

Thanks in advance.
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