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Could this be Prostate Cancer?

Hi Community,

Hope you are all well. I am getting nervous that I may have a potential Prostate cancer scare. I'm a 25 yr old heterosexual black male from the UK. My father passed away recently from the disease and my current symptoms are offering me huge anxiety.

So I will start with the current situation about a month and a half ago now. So I started getting pains and a discomfort feeling around my penis. It became hard for me to ejaculate and it often hurt. I knew there was something wrong. So I went to the DR. Took a blood test and a pee test and came back to me and said I had a UTI and they would do more tests to find out if it was chlamydia. He administerd 4 tablets of Zithromax. In my mind I did not think this was an issue because my girlfriend took a test 2 weeks before for work and she came out clean so I thought I would too because I hadnt cheated neither had she. A week later the results came back that I had chlamydia and because me and my girlfrined had been having sex.

So she got tested about 3 weeks ago now and the DR said there was no need for me to get tested because I probably had it if I had sex with her within the 5 days so she just administered me and her 4 pills of zilthromax (I'm not too sure of the spelling). We overcame who gave it to whom and listened to the Dr on not having any sex for a week, however I did masterbate myself 2 times. The Dr told me that they would call her in a week to tell her the results if they were positive. They told me to comeback in 1.5 months which I am fully intending to do.

We took the pills on Oct 24th Friday morning and didn't engage in any activity until November 1st Saturday night.

As of recently though since then I had been experiencing like an after effect of stinging around my anus when I did a poop and I thought this was due to my poor diet but now I am also experiencing frequent urination expecially at night and it feels like I have another UTI, with excessive peeing and as of a couple days ago I would pee and then five minutes later would need to pee again as if I didn't fully pee. When I tried to pee for the second time it was always a little difficult as if I was really forcing or straining. In addition I feel that I pee about every 2-3 hours at night. I dont know if I am playing mind games and being a over hyper hypochondriac or if my fears are justified.

Now the current issue I face is that I am in the US for vacation and I will be back in the UK to go to the DR and check it out but in the mean time I had taken AZO Urinary Pain Relief to just give me some sense of ease until I get back to the UK. I am very worried about whether this could be another Chlamydia scare or prostate cancer. I cant put my mind at ease.

Please help me get some insight I beg of you.
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Sorry the late reply. As a general rule, your way to young to get prostate cancer even if its in your familty. Tell your doc you want to have a PSA test to check the antigen levels or have him physically feel it to see if its enlarged.
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