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Does a Urologist run a STD panel every 6 months for an enlarged prostate?

I was dating someone two years ago whom I thought we had a monogamous relationship.  When I found out that was not the case when I went for my annual gynecology appointment I asked for a STD panel.  It came back positive for Herpes I and II.

When I contacted my ex partner he denied that he may have given it to me.  I know that he was seeing a Urologist for an enlarged prostate.  He claimed he first went because of an injury that caused blood in his urine every once in a while.  He stated his father had prostate cancer so they were keeping an active eye on it.  They had performed a biopsy 2 1/2 years into our relationship which came back negative for cancer yet he still continued to have blood in his urine.

I have recently found out that he had many sexual partners during our three year relationship.  When he stated his Urologist did a STD blood panel a bell went off in my head.  I thought his 6 month appointments were overly cautious but who was I to question a doctors protocol. I started to do some more research on his symptoms now knowing of his sexual activity.

Facts: It is probable that he had the Herpes I and II,.  I had a kidney transplant 24 years ago. I had many UTI's when we were together.  It was written off as "honeymoon" because of his traveling for work. Lately my healthy kidney transplant blood work has been coming back with changes.  I have had a consistent BUN of 0.6 for the last 24 years.  After my findings of Herpes I and II, I am afraid that I might have been exposed to other STD's. The HIV did come back negative.  Is it possible that he also had chlamydia, gonorrhea or something else?  Is there a any other tests to ask for that are not in a standard STD blood test?  I would like to know if it is *standard* enlarged prostate protocol (not very high PSA) to be seen every six months and perform a STD panel every six months?  What are they really monitoring?  Should I be monitoring for anything to show up?  I have not been with him since my last  STD results nor have I been been with anyone else.  I would like to eventually start dating again.  I want to make sure I have all the information I should.  Also we are both in our 50's...
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wow!! that was not for the bph but for std in my opinion
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