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Help, do i have prostate cancer?

I'm male and i will be 40 years come July 2017. Please i have been having mild pains on my testicles  which later got worst that i could not sleep at night because of the pains. The pains get worst at nights and also the pains has now extended to my pelvic, muscles, and I am having severe joints pains from my shoulders, elbows, ankles, down to my thighs as well to my foots. Also pains in my lower abdomen, lower/upper back areas, frequent urination and more strange is i now feel burning pains on my last two right leg toes. I did hernia operation February 2015, i had to visit my doc cause initially i thought it was a reoccurrence but when i visited the doc that did the surgery he said i don't have problem with the surgery i did. The doc also examine my testicles and says am fine and instructed me to do a urine culture test to rule out infection i have done the test and awaiting the result but the pains are still there and burning especially in my joints and muscles. Please help me out on what to do i honestly wish this is not prostate cancer because of the pains in joints and muscles like i have read are major symptoms  pls i need help on what to do. Thanks.
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Did you see a urologist for the urine culture?  Has anyone done a PSA test on you or a physical prostate exam?  
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Have a PSA test done if your concerned
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