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I think I have an enlarged prostate?

So today I woke up and went to the restroom to pee and my urine flow was not strong at all and stopped mid stream and burned and leaked/dripped out.  The rest of the day this happened.  I've been reading things about prostate cancer which I know I shouldn't have because now I'm worries but how worried should I be I mean I'm only 24 but I guess anyone could get it.  What do you guys think? Could this be an std? I have been tested and the results came back negative for an std because it was kind of a thick discharge that dropped out and I touched it and rubbed my finger together and it formed into a white-ish cream.  Eh I don't know I'm not trying to freak out but I still am.
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Hi, if you have a white discharge you need to see a doctor. With these symptoms, you may have developed prostititus.
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Yes, it sounds like chlamydia in your prostate. The National Institute of Health has a study  which recommends zithromax along with rifampin for like a month to clear it, but most doctors will refuse to accept that a prostate infection of chlamydia is different than needing just 1 gram of Zithromax because they are uneducated or just like top bank money off of people and allowing them to die
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