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Leg paralysis after prostate surgery

My dad, 78 years old, lives on his own, has always been very active, tennis and walking, had prostate surgery about 4 weeks ago; the other morning he tried to stand up and fell down, he was taken to emergency room and then admitted to hospital - they still haven't determined medical problem and he still cannot walk - they want him to start physio, however, he says he cant walk - it's his right leg - he has a pain in his lower back down the back of his leg to his knee.  He's had numerous tests and still nothing definite???
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The description you provided raises the possibility of a spinal problem. If he was stratified as low risk, then before the operation, specific tests to rule out bone involvement may not have been performed (by virtue of being categorized as low-risk). If there is bone involvement of the spine and a fracture occurred – this could lead to paralysis of muscles below the spinal segment involved (paralysis of both legs). His age alone, may also raise the possibility of getting a spinal injury even without the cancer.

Another possibility is a swelling in the spine due to the recent surgery. The swelling may be a blood lump or a cyst filled with fluid. This may be along the area where spinal anesthesia was delivered. The pressure on the nerve by virtue of the mass effect would be similar to the impact of a fracture.

Try to get learn some more specifics and the information that you need may be better discussed.
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57 year old healthy male underwent radical prostatectomy August 2008.   Cancer test in November determined 0 PSA.  Nov 20 woke in morning with severe knee cramping and pains.  Attributed to work around yard, but April 09 pain is on some days 5/5 others 2/5.  GP has taken x-rays, ultrasounds and prescribed Naptroxen 375x2.   I supplement with Tylenol 3 with codine to get through some days.   I can no longer kneel down or sit on the floor with family as the pain is too severe.   I am on a WAIT LIST for an internist (arthritis) although x-ray and ultrasound showed only beginning.    Anyone else heard of this and have suggestions.
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