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Masturbation and prostate cancer

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice or some more information.

My question relates to a number of  a recent articles concerning exesive masturbation in males during their 20s, increases their risk of prostate cancer in the decades that follow, perticuraly as the aproach 50. because of increased sex drive of the male.

This is one of the study in question that was published in BUJ by reaserchers at the Department of Urology, University of Nottingham England:


There was also other reaserch published around the same time by Austrailian sceintists that descoverd the oposite, that frequent masturbation in your early years, actualy reduces your chances of developing prstate cancer by 30%


I am a 26 year old Male from England, Im well, and healthy, dont drink coffe or smoke or drink much alchohol.

This reaserch greatly desturbed me, as I have always had a very high sexdrive. unfortunatley I was in a sexless relationship from the age of 16 untill the age of 25. so I frequentley masturbated every day.

Sometimes as little as once per day and sometimes as much as 5 times per day.
As I am now not in that relationship any more, i continue to masturbate every day. sometimes 4 times per day. im not psychologicly adicted, I just feel the urge, and something very little would set my urges into motion. its as if ive been a 14 year old school boy at the age of 26.

perhaps im being paranoid and rarther this is somewhat unrealated, but when I masturbate perticuarly frequentley (2 per day being normal frequentley being 4 times per day) I feel like my prostate is swolen form the outside, and afterwards, the muscles behind my scrottom where the penis travels inside the body will feel swollen and a little tender, sometimes when i try to massage that area, i get shooting pains or stings when i urinate.

Also sometimes when i urinate, i need to give it a tiny bush, nothing drematic, just a helping hand to start the flow, and after I urinate and think its all gone, when i walk away, a few trickles of urine would follow into my pants.

im 26, should i be worried about this?

another thing that worried my after reading the article is the stament that high volumes of the fluid produced by the prostate or PSA increases your risk. when I ejaculate, most of the time, it is very watery, lots of it, but not thick and gloopy, its more of a coulded jet stream.  

ive been weary of this for a while, thinking that perhaps because of my execise masturbation and hormones/sex drive, i was infact damaging the inside of my body and increasing risk of prostte cancer even furthe because of my syomptoms through exesive use of masturbating exesivley over the past 10 years.

I wated to kindly ask if you think I have put my self a potential risk though my choice of actions, ofcourse masturbation is a choice, and even if i have high levels of hormones, i could choose not to masturbate, but it was perhaps my understanding that most young men at the age of 20 - 26 were at their sexual peak, rageing with hormones, and frequent masturbation and sexual activity was just the "Normal Thing."

after I read the article and simular ones that followed, i just went in shock, like everything i was concerned about was just confirmed. saying frequent masturbation (5 times a week) in your 20s specificly increases  cancer by 60% in your golden years, because of testostorone.

I masturbate 5 times a day sometimes, so i feel terrified that ive basicly just signed my death certificate.

im confused, because there are articles that conflict each other, saying that exesive private activites can increase risk, but then another says it decreases risk. I was thinking of cutting my masturbation from 14 times per week to jus 2 or 3, but I fear I have already caused seriouse damage to my prostate and may get prostate cancer in the future.

I apologise for writing so much.

I would apreciate any advice.

Kind Regards

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Hey Charlie!

As you would have already realised there are several conflicting studies regarding the topic and these have not been established. These are based on the assumption that masturbation caused altered testosterone levels; while actually there is no gross change in the testosterone levels which is actually related to prostate cancer. Pieces or research are just done on a relatively smaller number of population where there could be several confounding factors and hence these cannot be established as facts, unless there are several authentic large scale studies that have shown the same results. As it stands in today’s date, masturbation is not linked to prostate cancer. Masturbation is only considered unhealthy when it starts affecting ones day-to-day activities.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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