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Mismatch between petct to histology


Diagnosed 1 year ago with bladder cancer tcc t1 hg with cis.
Started lamm protocol.
Two monthes ago another turbt and
This time tcc ta hg with cis, during
Turbt small hole in bladder wall
And catter inseret ant give me AB.
10 days after release from hospital
Did petct that came to be tcc invade
To fat layer stage 3 or 4 BC.

so pet ct say stage 3 or 4 and biopsy say stage ta.

My question is what to do next?
One doc sayed need to wait 3 monthes and perform another petct, the other
Sayied need to do re satge turbt first and then we will decide what next.

What is the best chioce?

Thank you alot
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TNM staging categorizes each malignancy by the status of the primary tumor (T), nodal involvement (N) and metastatic disease (M). Individual TNM stages can then be grouped into stage 0, I, II, III, or IV.

For more info:

On a side note, PET/CT is rarely used to stage bladder cancer. On a PET/CT, the urinary system including bladder normally appears black (metabolic uptake), obscuring everything within it, making it difficult to detect underlying pathology.

PET/CT is used more for staging/restaging lymphoma, breast cancer, etc.
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