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Occaisional dull pain

Sometimes late at night I awake with a dull ache in my prostate area.  It usually only lasts for a few minutes and is sometimes relieved following a bowel movement.  It occurs mostly at night after I've been asleep, but sometimes during the day.

It doesn't happen every day, week or month for that matter, but comes in spurts for no apparent reason.

I'm 52 and have had PSA and digital tests in the past.

How concerned should I be?

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Hello Sir,

It seems as though your "prostate pain" could be related to other conditions of the prostate, say prostatitis (inflammation). If you have had fevers, or severe pain, this is another indication that it could just be an inflammation. Another potential cause of the pain could be benign prostatic hypertrophy, a condition in which the normal cells in the gland become larger. Checking the PSA again would be a good place to start, also improving your diet with fiber and regular bowel movements could alleviate the pain. A digital rectal exam is also indicated as a result of age. At this time, there really is nothing to be concerned about, but you should be evaluated again as a result of a new development in your symptomatology.

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