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One more concern - Should I wait for 8 weeks and get another blood test for PSA prior to getting a Biopsy

Unable to edit the previous question to add one more concern...posted previous question on 05/16/07 titled....Request input prior to going for Prostate Biopsy sch 05/23/07

had one more concern:
Would you recommend to do another PSA or Free PSA test (not sure which one would be more apt) after 7-8 weeks and get those results in and then do a Biopsy if the findings are consistent with earlier tests.
Previous testing on 04/27/07 (PSA) and 05/03/07 (Free PSA) had results in 3.50 and 3.68 range.
As you can see these tests were not spread apart. I am just unsure and need a solid understanding and rule out that Biopsy is not being rushed into. Also, will an 8 week wait and see approach for biopsy going to counterproductive if it turns out that I did have prostate cancer? I am not sure how rapidly this particular disease spreads, and don't want to have a case of missed oppurtunity?

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Concerned Patient
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Dear Concerned patient:
I do understand that this is a difficult decision for you. There are statistics, and nomograms available which predicts the percentatge of patients having progression, metastases, spread etc. Like with all statistics, it does not mean you will or will not have the problem. Hence, it is very difficult to answer questions like what will happen 8 weeks from now.

In such situations, it is best to let the specialist help you to make your decision.
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