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PSA rise within 6 months after surgery?

I am a 54 yr old and found out less than a year ago I had prostate cancer. My initial PSA was at 27. That's twenty seven. My followup at 90 days rose to 29 and the urologist ordered a biopsy which determined cancer was present in all regions. I had robotic radical prostate to my January 2015. My first PSA test after surgery showed a PSA of .5. My urologist said he had hoped for around .1 but did not seem concerned. I just had my second test after surgery and my PSA has risen to .9. That in a 3 month interval. I am concerned and would appreciate some feedback. Also, following surgery no radiation, chemo or hormone therapy was scheduled by my doctor, only followups.

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Hi anything 1 and below is great.
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Irrelevant as the PSA level has doubled in 3 months and will presumably continue to rise.
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"anything below 1 is great"

Sorry,  but that is wrong.   Unless you just forgot the decimal point.

0.1 is good,  but 1.0 is bad

Damienthorne,  you need to find a more active prostate cancer site to get good and reliable help.
Try healingwell and prostate.   Huge number of people who can give you excellent advice.
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