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Penis White Milky Discharge

PLEASE HELP!  I have noticed a white milky discharge from my penis.  I am married and my wife and I have only been committed to eachother, so I know it's not an STD.  But there is something else concerning me.

A couple of weeks ago I got a scrotal sac peircing in the lower front center of my scrotum sac.  That's where the testicle sac (the skin only) is pierced.  I found out that a little infection is a normal part of the healing process in any piercing, but has to be kept clean continuously for healing to be complete.  I didn't want to deal with that and decided to remove the piercing about a two or three days later.  My concern is that the white milky discharge may be the result of the piercing... could this be the case?  Could the root of all this be from an infection in my scrotum?  Or is this a totally different thing?

There is no pain in peeing.  However... I may be experiencing a slight discomfort in my bladder... I might just be being paranoid.  This raises another question.  Could the piercer who pierced me... accidentally pierced something major, like perhaps the tubes that connect to the testicles within the sac?  Could something be damaged and be causing maybe some type of urine or semen backflow?

I've done some reasearch on here and online and have come up with different possible answers.  Answers anywhere from inflammation of the urethra... to prostrate problems.  Maybe this has nothing to do with the recent piercing I recieved, and might be coincidental.  In either case... anyone's help on this will be very much appreciated.
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A few follow-up questions first:
1.) Are you having any pain with sexual intercourse or ejaculation?
2.) Is the scrotum swollen, tender, red, or warm?

Most likely, you need to see your primary physician or a urologist for urine analysis, urine culture, and urethral swab with culture.  A scrotal ultrasound may help better determine if there is any fluid collection within the scrotum.
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1.  No, there's no pain with sexual intercourse or ejaculation.

2.  No, the scrotum is not swollen, tender, red, or warm.

Is it possible that any infection within the scrotum, could be the cause of the discharge coming from my urethra?
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It is unlikely that the discharge from the urethra is caused by the scrotal infection.
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