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Please help! This is urgent!

I underwent a TURP surgery for my BPH earlier this year, and now I suffer from retrograde ejaculation. That's why my partner (F 29) and I (M 61) never use contraceptives. We happened to have intercourse two weeks ago, during her fertile window. After our first intercourse session (when I did climax), I went to the bathroom, and then we continued having intercourse. She should have gotten her period yesterday, and I am afraid I might have gotten her pregnant.  She thinks that after urinating, some semen could have gotten "stuck", and once I penetrated her again, I might have impregnated her. It is also too early for her to take a pregnancy test, too! Given my condition, is there any chance I could ever possibly get a woman pregnant?
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Retrograde ejaculation, turp, and BPH MAY affect fertility, but it may not.




The only way to know is to have your doctor check.

If pregnancy is not desired by both of you, there is always emergency contraception. She get take that for up to 72 hours after the possible pregnancy risk. To find out if it's available where you are: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_contraceptive_availability_by_country (That may not be totally reliable, but you can search "emergency contraception and your country" to find out more.
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Well, you have to let us know what happened.  She can take a test when it is two and a half weeks after the event.  Let us know!
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