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Post robotic surgery pain

Robotic prostate surgery 10/03/08.  I am having severe pain in right side of surgery area when rising after sitting or laying.  It is severe pain.  I cannot sit upright without discomfort or pain,  Once I am standing and moving the pain pretty much goes away.  Should I be having this much pain almost 4 weeks after robotic surgery.  The right nerve bundle was also removed.
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It would be best to see your doctor. If the pain is interrupting much of your activities then it should be addressed. Discuss what pain medications you have and look into the need for medications that you could use when the episode of pain comes. Stay positive.
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Hi my husband just had the DiVinci Robotic surgery 7 days ago.  He didn't have to take any pain meds while in the hospital, he even walked the two days while we were there, but now that he's home he's been having the erge to use the bathroom #2 and then nothing comes out.  The pressure is so bad now that he had to begin the pain meds just to function.  Has anyone else had these problems? If so what was the cure?
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