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Progression of Bone Cancer
We have a cancer patient being treated here in the Philippines in a pilot project for Integrative Medicine at St. Theodore's Hospital of Sagada.  We have documented some incredible successes with chronic disease but the prostate and bone cancer is not responding to our primary treatment which was a 42 day juice fasting treatment or if it has his life has been extended and quality of life is increased.  We are looking for an option on  the standard progression and at what state will it be difficult to transport him.

Medical History
The patient entered treatment with prostate cancer that had metastasized to the bone. He complained of constipation and frequent urination, burning and stoppage of flow and lower back pain. He was also had wasting syndrome (cachexia) .

Normal Progress of Prostrate and Bone Cancer
The original  prognosis  was 60 days till death due to cachexia. The fact that as of Oct 27 L. Lisweg feels good and has no pain 43 day later may indicate the treatment has some benefit. The juice fasting treatment has had a positive impact on the prostrate cancer but has not affected the bone cancer. So the normal progression of events may be unique.

Progress Report
Within 10 days of a juice fasting treatment he was urinating normally without back pain and commented of feeling good. The only effect of the treatment was some weakness and low blood pressure which is to be expected. However the bone cancer is still progressing and does not seem to be affected by the juice fasting treatment. The decision is to attempt any alternative measure possible that may prove effective for bone cancer. The following are the most recent X-rays can be viewed at.  http://sagadahospital.com/lisweg It was just reported to me that the PSA was 100 and is now 150.

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