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Prostate Cancer

This important family member is confused and needs advise, Doctor did biopsy and report attached in. We need to to get him treatment ASAP. Any advise if prostetectomy or radiation is the best way to go? Each treatment has side effects but we want to opt for best treatment. How fast does this cancer grow? Biopsy was done 2 weeks ago. When is the earliest to have treatment? Also what is report actually saying?
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Thank you Dr.Kaul. I realize there indeed not best treatment. Attending MD has to decide when they see the patient. I know he has localized 4+3 and its 60% of gland. Treatment probably in Decemeber (3 months after biopsy). Is there any foods/diet best to follow while he waits for treatment?

Your wisdom is appreciated.
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Hi there!

I could not find the attached reports. The management is largely dependent on the stage/ grade of the cancer. The idea of a best treatment is a vague term since this tends to vary with each patient and is best discussed with the treating doctor.

Take care!
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