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Rapid Increase in PSA

My husband is 58 yrs old and has a PSA test done yearly. Last year he had a PSA score of 2. Just this week he had a PSA score of 19.  The Dr. says we have an "issue."  I am quite concerned as this has been a very rapud increase in PSA scor.  He is taking no meds that might have increased his PSA.  His digital exam was "normal" as his prostate was very small.  What could be the pproblem?
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An elevated PSA should raise the suspicion of prostate cancer. There are other conditions where the PSA can also rise but it is essential to rule out prostate cancer  by a biopsy even if digital rectal examination is normal.

This is for patient information only and does not substitute for medical advice.Consultation with a urologist is essential.
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Has your husband been referred to a urologist?  Have they rerun the test to be sure it is an accurate reading?  What from I have read, a greater than .75 change in PSA (velocity) over a given year would generally generate a referral. Try not to worry. From my understanding, there are a number of reasons he may have an elevated psa.  But, in any case, he should probably pursue some answers.
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