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Results of Bone Scan

Oh my goodness, today my dad received the results of his bone scan, via e-mail, which I think is a crappy way to receive bad news.
He has multiple foci of abnormal intensity all the way through his skeleton, skull, arms, ribs, shoulders, pelbi, spine, you name it.
OMG! how did this happen so fast?
He had been getting massages could they have made it worse?
Is there any hope that once treatment begins he can be helped for a while?
SO devastated.
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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2021. I had been followed for 6 years by an excellent urologist every 6 months. During that time I had two biopsies and 3 MRI's. My last MRI showed a suspicious area so we proceeded with another biopsy. Out of 18 cores taken one showed 20% malignant cells. Because my PSA was over 10 (14.1) My urologist did a bone scan. The results were available to me thru My Chart a week before my follow up appoint with the urologist. The radiologist read the scan as "high suspicion of metastatic disease in my spine and 9th rib." Thankfully my urologist saw the results and called to tell me that I would have a chest/abdomen/pelvic CT with contrast.  One week went by and I had the CT scan which ruled out metastatic disease.  A bone scan will also "light up" in areas of inflammation (arthritis). That is what the radiologist saw.
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Thanks for your input! I'm happy you are metastatic free thus far. :)
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I'm sorry. And he hasn't even seen his oncologist yet, right?

My dad lived for 6 or 7 years after bone cancer was diagnosed. He was originally given a 15% 5 year survival, and he lived 12 years after that.

It is very unpredictable, and like Bonzo says, get used to the vague info. Try not to let it drive you crazy.

You have a LOT happening in your life - a daughter graduating and heading to college, the pandemic, and now your dad is sick. Make sure to take care of yourself during this time. Any one of those things is a lot. Sending you big, supportive hugs.

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Oh my goodness you are so kind, also a husband with MS...
The urologist STILL hasn't called back.  I am glad your Dad did well. I think we will feel better once we get to talk to someone.
Get on the phone and call the urologist. If you can't get in touch, find a new one. It's unacceptable that the rest of this is progressing and you haven't spoken to him yet.

Hang in there.
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Wow - sorry to hear that. No, massages wdn’t affect spread of prostate cancer into the bones. Unfortunately, as you have surmised, this is not good news at all - once prostate cancer has metastasized into the bones, it’s not curable. However, there are now a number of new drugs (as well as hormone therapy) that can kind of keep the cancer at bay for awhile. Only his Dr can tell you what his prognosis is, and if he sounds kinda vague about it, that’s cause it’s very hard to predict how a patient responds to treatment. Just keep in mind that some guys who were given only a year or 2 to live are still around 8-10 years later or more. This disease is very unpredictable, so he could end up doing somewhat (or even a LOT) better than expected. Best of luck to him...
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Oh thank you so much.
You’re welcome - I’m a prostate cancer patient myself, had surgery Jul 2018 but rising PSA since, started hormone therapy Mar 2 of this year, so I’m pretty familiar w/ these issues...
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