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Sharp rectal/prostate pain, but am I too young for this??

I am a 31 yr old caucasian male, with a healthy diet and no high-risk behaviors that could be associated with the following symptoms.  Bowl cancer does run in my father's side of the family, however.

Occasionally I get a sharp, stabbing pain in my lower rectum, about where my prostate would be according to the charts.  The pain is so intense, I lose my breath and cannot move, sometimes dropping things and needing to crouch or grip an object to keep from falling over.  It honestly feels like somebody has stabbed a knife up into my rectum.  This does not happen regularly by any means, but at least a few times or more a year, enough that I have paid attention.  It used to happen a lot more when I was about 18, when it first started happening.

Recently I checked my prostate myself, and felt a very hard, very small lump which was rather uncomfortable, if not outright painful, to touch.  

I have otherwise no abnormal symptoms that I can think of. Normal stool, normal bowl movements, no blood, no discharge, no urinary or erectile problems, etc..  The only other symptom I have, which for all I know is unrelated, is occasional severe heartburn just below and inside of my right pectoral muscle, under the ribs.  I have been thru a bevvy of tests regarding that, so far nothing...

My question is should I see my doctor about a prostate exam or G.I. exam even though I am so young?

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I read about your problem..lower rectal pain in young males is a well described phenomenon in medical literature but has no underlying sinister pathology.
You do need to see a surgeon for a per rectal examination to evaluate your prostate..self examination is notrecommended at all.
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Hi Bobby
Just a suggestion, and I might be well off the mark, but have a look on sites for CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome!)
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I've had that problem since my early 20's, and no doctor has ever had a clue. Then I found the answer in a sidebar in Men's Health magazine: Apparently it can happen if semen backs up into the prostate due to interrupted ejaculation, reverse gravity position, etc, and then hardens (could be hours to days later). They suggested over-hydrating and then "rubbing it out", but I usually just take a couple of Advil and sleep on my stomach.
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I am having the exact same problem except I'm only 17.  Really curious to what the problem is.
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I'm a 31 male. I've been having this pain for at least 3-4 years, but can't pinpoint it exactly. It only occurs a few times a year, but when it hits - oh man - it disables me...just like how you described it. I got worried and thought it was prostate cancer but I educated myself and see that it could be many other causes.

I had an odd childhood at home and I developed some weird nervous attributes like holding my urine for too long and always feeling worried that I had to complete something before I used the bathroom, well into my late 20's. I am trying to break the 20+ year old habit now that I am relaxing more and not stressed from a job and family issues. I've also been guilty of stopping an ejaculation several times before when I was younger - just didn't know the harm it could could cause down the road.

I'm going to find a GI and get a prostate exam just for peace of mind. I have the insurance so I should use it for things like this and try to nip problems in the bud.

WHAT is amazing and scary, is that the other major pain I've had in my life is an upward shooting pain in my left pectoral area. Started at around age 18-20. Don't get it much anymore, and have been told it's muscular related - I've been boxing and in some of the best shape of my athletic life so I think all my muscles are stretched out etc. Before my ACL surgery a few years ago, they decided to do stop the surgery, and check me out with an EKG test - my results were okay.
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Someone needs to find out what this is. I'm 29, and for about 3 years now, I've had sharp flashes of pain in my prostate area about once every other day. I also experience the same thing less frequently in the left side of my chest where I have to immediately stop a breath and start over. These aren't random symptoms. This is obviously a very specific thing.
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Hey Everyone,

This happens many times when sitting down while masturbating.  If you think about it, ejaculating in a seated position is unnatural.  Masturbation is technically unnatural despite what the experts say.  The most natural position for ejaculation is missionary (sex with man on top and woman under him).  For those who find it necessary to masturbate, try standing up while ejaculating. For a good guideline for what is natural and healthy, look at nature, not porn.  Use your fingers to rub out the painful area by starting from the anus and dragging your fingers toward your testicles.  Pull your hand forward when applying pressure.  Do not apply pressure back wards towards the anus.  Good Luck.  And as natural as they say masturbation is, keep it to a minimum.
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I've been having this pain for serveral years now and honestly it feels like someone has tazered me or something...it's really painful and often it happens after i masturbate in my sleep or something. When i was younger, literally every single time i masturbated I would let go right before ejaculation and i would continue to masturbate for an hour maybe 2 hours at time before letting ejaculation to happen and now that i'm older i dread masterbation or even having sex because of that pain. Also, another problem i'm having is that it takes me forever to have an orgasim. please, someone advise as to how i can at least somewhat undo the stupid things i used to do in my longer days.  
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I was searching for the same answers as you and ran across this:

"Proctalgia Fugax

Proctalgia fugax is a severe, cramp-like pain, deep in the anal canal. It usually lasts for a few seconds or minutes, but can sometimes last for up to half an hour. Between attacks there is no pain at all. Most sufferers have only 5 or 6 attacks a year. You may feel a need to defecate urgently, but nothing happens. It may even make you feel dizzy, or give you a headache. It occurs in both men and women. The pain often wakes sufferers at night, and men may have an erection at the same time. Some men experience it after sex. It is a mysterious condition; no one knows what causes it, but it is probably a spasm of the rectal or pelvic floor muscles and does not mean that you have anything seriously wrong. There are various methods of relieving the pain.
Try putting pressure on the perineum (the area between the back passage and the vagina or base of the penis) by sitting on the edge of your bath or on a tennis ball.
Sit in hot water or, alternatively, apply some ice.
Two paracetamol (acetaminophen) tablets and a hot drink may give some relief.
The problem with medications for proctalgia fugax is that the episode is likely to be over before the drugs become active, but medication might be worth trying if your attacks last a long time. The usual treatment is the asthma drug salbutamol, inhaled from a puffer at the start of the attack (Gastroenterology 2006;130:1510–8). This is only available on prescription, for which you would need to see your doctor" (http://www.embarrassingproblems.com/problem/anal-pain)

I have the same pain I would say around once a month..this somewhat eased my mind. Best of luck.
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I also suffer from the same symptoms you described. I am a 34 year old male  and consider myself healthy. The pain will last for at most 15 seconds and it is crippling. I have never done anything considered abnormal to my anus so I know that it is not from that. It seems like a muscle spasm as it goes away just as quickly as it began and I have zero aftereffects from the episode. I just get up and resume whatever I was doing. I'm a bit relieved to see other men suffer from this and I feel better knowing it isn't anything serious. Still, I will tell my doctor about it next visit.
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I've had this problem since I was a kid. Although mine would last a good half hour. One solution I found was looking at porn and if the reason is because of backed up semen then it makes sense. The liquids flow out un clogging the problem area and release the pain. My problem usually did happen after not fully discharging when I was masterbating.
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I'm 31 and I've had the shooting prostate/pectoral pain that is being described here. I've heard so often, men advising each other to hold off from ejaculation when masturbating in order to increase 'stamina' and promote a full-body sexual experience which some often associate with some misguided notion of 'tantric sex'. So many young men, including myself wish they could 'last longer' learning that most women only reach orgasm after a prolonged period of sustained sex. I think that the masturbation process should be very gradual, in this regard, but maybe stopping at climax or holding back is unhealthy.
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Glad to see im not the only one who suffers from this condition. Handman's explanation of "Proctalgia Fugax" seems to hit the nail on the head for me. Thanks for everyone's input.
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Glad to see im not the only one who suffers from this condition. handman's explanation of Proctalgia Fugax seems to hit the nail on the head for me. Thanks for everyone's input
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I have the same problem, and am relieved to find that many share the same and its not that serious. The pain my god, is pathetic. However not found any solution from anyone, in case any one had consulted a doctor or know the solution to this issue, please share.
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Yea I get these 2 im pretty sure everyone does .. about 2-3 times a year lasts about 2 seconds and literally has you straightening out your legs in severe pain feels like someone stuck a live electric wire on ur anus... But I wouldnt worry ive been sitting round my mates house ive known since school hes gone "arghhh" while sitting on the couch and he was like "**** man do u ever get that shooting pain in ur arse like electricity" lol we both laughed and I was like "yea man I do" im not sure if its to do with masturbating like someone else said.. but when drinking alcohol alot ive noticed the shooting pain in the morning... but its nothing serious to worry about unless ur having them daily... so I wouldnt worry guys... but **** me that dont half hurt LOL I had one the other week first time this year...im sure its to do with alcohol...
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I have these pains right now, but I can constantly feel it...mostly just an ache, but sometimes I get sharp pains during the end of urinating and when I get gas. I'm a little worried because most of you say the longest they last is about a half hour and this has been going on all day, and could feel it coming on later lastnight. I can also feel it in the bladder section...like if I push on the bladder, it shoots mildly sharp pain in my rectum. It does feel like I need to take a crap and if I do, it will feel better...but it doesnt. I had this same type of episode happen last year and was most uncomfortable.
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I also suffer this type of rectal pain - usually during sex with my wife. It only lasts a few seconds (before ejaculation) but it feels horrible. I suspect I'm older than most of you but I'm fairly fit and healthy. I found my way to this site after first looking for symptoms of prostate cancer elsewhere. Seems to be nothing to do with that particular problem as I don't feel the need to pass urine frequently. I wonder if some medical professional could collate this information and investigate!
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Hi Wood can you please repost your own question as this is very post and i will reply to yours
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This sounds very much like prostatitis.
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1. First see a doctor and do the usual tests to rule out prostatitis, BHP (in older age) and cancer etc.
2. If nothing comes up in the tests and you still have pain in groin area, in testicles, in rectum area, pain before or after ejaculation, low back pain etc etc. then do the following

a. Start eating anti-depressants like Citaloprim 20 mg daily. This will certainly ease off the pain.
b. After every ejaculation if you feel pain eat any pain medication that works well for you say ibuprofen.
c. Sitting in a hot bath helps a lot.
d. Never stop your ejaculation to prolong your sexual pleasure. The pain will aggravate. Just do it normally and get ejaculated. Do not over do sex  or under do sex. Do it when you need it.
e. Swimming is a very good way to ease the pain in a long run.
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f. Also do drink plenty of water.
g. Try not to drink coffee and alcohol. Also do not smoke. They all aggravate the problem.
h. You may also try having the herbal remedies like saw palmetto etc. Google it and you will find loads of such medications. But they do not work.

Note: I am a sufferer of this problem for the past 22 years and have been checked by numerous doctors ranging from simple physicians to specialists. But they do not have a clue of what it is. Some said it is prostatitis so therefore I had loads of antibiotics in my early years of the problem. And you know what?. I would get better because antibiotics reduce prostate inflamation and size. Other doctors said it is all in my head. And some said it is Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. What ever you name it they do not have a remedy for it. We have to manage it by the above mentioned ways. The simple reason is that there hasn't been any significant research in this area. Anti depressants like Citalopram is being used in pain clinics i.e. for pain management and this works very well. So my friends with time you will learn how to cope with the problem of prostate pain and the key is not to panic and not to leave your sex life. Eat medication and rest when the pain is horrible. Exercise and continue your normal life routine when there is no or less pain. Best of luck.
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While you are young for an enlarged prostate (BPH), even men in their teens, not to mention their 20s and 30s, can develop a condition called prostatitis – inflamed prostate – that can cause the symptoms you describe. You should absolutely see your doctor for an evaluation – the longer you wait, the harder it can be to treat the problem. You can also support long term prostate health by using an all-natural prostate supplement (health professionals recommend Prostate Ph) containing botanical extracts like white button mushroom and African plum tree bark. Both of these have shown positive results in medical research with lab mice – they have even shown the ability to shrink prostate tumors.

Hope you find an answer to your problem!
Alex, PhD
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Sounds like prostatitic stones. See http://www.****.org/stones.html but be sure to see a doctor to evaluate among types of prostatitis or rule out other causes.
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