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Slight pain in testicle and lower abdomin

I went to the doctors a few weeks a go and got a cat/ct scan on my lower abdomin and groin area because I had been experiencing pain in my lower abdomin and testicles which at first i ignored but it continued to happen. This pain isn't constant it a here and there every now and again kind of thing. The results came back with hydrocele which I had a feeling they would tell me since my primary physician is not an urologist. I had surgery for a hydrocele when i was 18 and got stitched back up and was all fine but now at 23 i'm having these issues. Does it seem like this is what it could be again?
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Hydrocele is a common cause of scrotal swelling caused by a patent space in the tunica vaginalis. The treatment is often conservative unless the hydrocele size is big leading to discomfort or difficulty in walking. This is often managed with drainage. This can also recur  where pathological conditions like hypoproteinemia, filarial infections, or pelvic cavity malignancies have to be  ruled out. If the cause is idiopathic, surgical procedures like sclerotherapy or hydrocoelectomy may be indicated. It is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
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