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Sudden Stabbing pain when controlling Urine


I got some UTI infections when I was around 13 yo, it was so painful to urinate and after 5 days, I took some antibiotic and cleared up.

I am now 48 yo, and I got this stabbing pain inside when I tried to control my urine in the last 10 years.  It is so intermittent, around once a month, but I think I learned how to control it by now.  But once in a while it happens.  

3 Years ago, I got an NGU and cleared up by Doxycycline after a week of it.

Since 3 years, I having this numbness on my buttock/penis/scrotum when I sit for a long time.  I need to change position to avoid it.

Now, I having this feeling of slight pain/discomfort on anus area, sometimes on my right egg, or buttocks.

I occassionally feel some burning on the tip of my penis after urinating.   But no burning during.

I can start my urine normally but need to shake it well to avoid leaky drops.  The stream is quite strong but lasting only around 15-20 secs.  (Is it normal? )

My PSA was 0.9 ---2008 / 0.8 --- 2009  and 1.1 last Sept 2011.

Do I have prostatis ? or BPH ?

I plan to go to Uro next week... what should I ask him?

Thanks a lot
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Hi there!

Excessive bladder distention is normally associated with a discomfort/ painful sensation. The numbness after long hours of sitting is likely to be due to nerve compression and frequent change of position is advised to prevent this. Your PSA is perfectly fine and none of your symptoms specify BPH or prostatic cancer. However, I would suggest getting the penile burning and pain/ discomfort around the anus evaluated for infections, inflammation etc. After a cause is diagnosed it can be managed accordingly.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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thanks Dr Kaul..

I just went to uro and did TRUS, uroflowmetry, seminal fluid check, and took 1 week of Cravit ... after 3 days I felt better.

The TRUS found that I have a utricle cyst 8x9mm...uroflowmetry is normal, and I had streptococcus on my semen.

He gave me another week of Cravit...and told me nothing to worry about.

Is he correct?  he also told me to wait for my PSA reading this year.

does the utricle cyst are precancerous?  he also said that it's quite common.

Pls advice

thanks in advance...
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