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Urethra/Rectal discomfort

Been in a committed relationship for 3 years.

I've been experiencing rectal discomfort for a few months now, accompanied by an awful feeling in my urethra when I flex the muscle to hold my pee. It's not always painful, just uncomfortable, kind of like there's something stuck somewhere in my urethra. Other males with the same symptoms seem to think its prostatitis, but I wouldn't have any reason to get that so that's why I'm curious. The rectal discomfort is only on occasion, but a bruising feeling at the bottom of my buttocks, around where the urethra would be, is pretty much constant.

And just as of a few weeks ago I've been getting chest pain and feeling dizziness with a constant headache at the base of my skull. That may be unrelated, but I'm still concerned about everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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HI, have you considered you may have hemorrhoids? Also if you feel you have something inside your urethra, it may be to your advantage to see a doc and have a scope inserted to view the inside but all that your mentioning are not symptoms of prostate cancer.
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I should clarify, it doesn't feel like something is stuck inside of my Urethra, but more like something is pressing against the tube, but not blocking it entirely. Like an enlarged prostate would do.

When I urinate, sometimes it feels like I don't get the last little bit out all the way, but I'm not having to constantly go to the bathroom. Just a regular amount.
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The prostate would not make you feel like you have something in your urethra but the prostate would cause urinating issues like your having.
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