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Urinary Burning after Cancer treatment

I have had successfull radiation treatment yet I continue to experience urinary burning. Why?
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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer several months ago and have undergone two sessions of TomoTherapy Radiation Treatment.  For the past three days I have experienced very serious burning during urination as well as having to awaken every 90-120- minutes to urinate during sleeping hours.  I have 41 treatments to go and I am extremely reluctant to continue with this treatment regimen if the burning is likely to get any worse.

At present, I feel that my urine stream is very weak and if the burning and urine stream get any worse, I think I might no be able to urinate at all.
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Pain after radiation therapy for prostate cancer is a noted co-morbidity after radiation. However, with this limited information consultation with your internist is warranted. Workup for a urinary tract infection and radiation cystitis should be performed.


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