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What questions are on the pre examine form for a Urologist?

I have an upcoming appointment with our not so friendly urologist. The reason high PSA levels.
I'm 70 years young, not dead yet, and just want to get in and out ...no pun intended.
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I don't know what your urologist will ask you specifically, but I did find this urology group that has their forms online, which may give you an idea. You probably won't have to fill them all out at once, like the bladder diary, etc., but you can see the patient history form and the Welcome Packet. Yours will likely be similar. You can check your doctor's website and see if they have any online.


Here's another one - it's pretty similar -


I hope you get in and out, so to speak haha, but I wouldn't count on it. Doctors never seem to be time efficient these days, and if you go into it expecting that you'll be there for awhile, you'll be pleasantly surprised if you aren't, and not disappointed and irritated if you are.

Good luck!
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